Building Market Information

TODAY, I’d like to update you on our local housing market.

TODAY, A NEW home in FOXMOR ESTATES with a 30 year fixed rate mortgage on $271,000 @ 4.25% = The Value of a Lifetime!!! After TODAY, nothing is certain.

TODAY, New Home prices are “the same or lower” than 5 years ago.

TODAY, INTEREST RATES are lower than when COLUMBUS got here!!!

TODAY, That equates to $550 per month in savings.

TODAY, 4.25% for 30 year principal and interest vs. 6.25% or 6.5% 5 years ago equals $6600 per year savings in your pocket.

TODAY, $6600 per year (over 3 years) will get you a new in ground swimming pool in FOXMOR ESTATES.

TODAY, $6600 will pay your annual property taxes and insurance with cash left over in FOXMOR ESTATES.

TODAY, $6600 could go towards your children’s college, savings, retirement, auto, truck or to pay off bills.

TODAY, $6600 could go a long way for a new flat screen TV or furniture in your new home in FOXMOR ESTATES.

TODAY, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and come visit FOXMOR ESTATES. Regardless of whether you buy a new home from us, or let us build you THE VALUE OF A LIFETIME, go buy a new or existing home or refinance your present home, and take full advantage of TODAY’S GREAT PRICES AND LOW LOW INTEREST RATES!!! It will never get better than it is TODAY!!!

1/4 mile south of S.E. 89th on S. Hiwassee

Tom Jordan
Tom Jordan Homes, Inc.
Since 1970

August 26th, 2010

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